Embark on an adventure of learning and excitement this summer, running from June 24th to August 2nd.

Dive into the world of language and fun with Imagina's Spanish Immersion Camp in the vibrant locales of Menlo Park and Palo Alto! Don't miss out—reserve your child's spot today and let the journey begin!

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Summer Camp Overview

Embark on a vibrant summer adventure with Imagina Daycare's Summer Camp, tailored for children aged 3 ½ and up, including those in Transitional Kindergarten (TK). Our programme, which runs for five fascinating weeks, promises a mix of learning, exploration, and enjoyable activities. Each week is themed to encourage curiosity and growth. Every day, from "Practicing Peace" to "Living Truth," "Expanding Sensitivity," "Getting Up in the Morning," and "Working with Others," presents a fresh opportunity for discovery. Activities include engaging field trips to local attractions such as museums, farms and parks, as well as hands-on learning opportunities that explore nature, science and culture. Children participate in team-building exercises, sports, and creative activities, gaining valuable skills and friendships in the process. Parents are asked to register and pay for their child's participation by April to ensure that field excursions and logistics go smoothly. Early confirmations have priority in registration. Furthermore, Imagina uno provides additional care during the camp's downtime from August 5th to 13th, with regular school activities returning on August 14th. Join us for a summer of growth, laughter, and cherished memories at Imagina Daycare's Summer Camp!

Week 1: Practicing Peace, June 24th- June 28th

Week 2: Living Truth, July 2nd-July 5th (Closed on Monday, July 1st)

Week 3: Expanding Sensitivity, July 8th- July 12th

Week 4: Getting up in the morning, July 15th- July 19th

Week 5: Working with others, July 22nd- July 26th

Week 6 from July 29th-August 2nd (Regular School at Imagina 1.)

Week 1:

Join us for a transforming week at Imagina Daycare's Summer Camp from July 24th to June 28th, themed "Practicing Peace." We explore the essence of serenity, guided by Ralph Waldo Emerson's wisdom, beginning with a relaxing Monday at Foothills Park and concluding with a thrilling visit to the Seymour Marine Discovery Center on Tuesday. We spend the middle of the week relaxing in Baylands, followed by a cultural exploration of Fremont's Coyote Hills on Thursday. To end the week on a high note, Friday takes us to Curiodyssey for an intriguing experience. Throughout the week, we concentrate on being present with our bodies and sensations, practicing mindfulness, and developing a strong connection with nature as we explore the world around us. We learn about the Ohlone tribe's rituals and traditions by exploring their rich history and that of other indigenous cultures. In addition, we explore the complexities of animal habitats, food chains, and ecosystems, building a thorough understanding of our surroundings. In the afternoons, we enjoy sports such as jumping rope, cycling, scootering, skating, and yoga. Don't miss out on this fulfilling voyage of self-discovery and peace!

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children with tree
children with tree

Week 2:

Join us for an enlightening 2nd week of Summer Camp at Imagina Daycare from July 2nd to July 5th, themed "Living Truth." Inspired by Gautama Buddha's deep words, we set out on a quest of discovery, guided by the timeless truths of the sun, moon, and truth itself. On Tuesday, we will begin our adventures with a thrilling visit to the Fujitsu Planetarium, followed by an exploration of the mysteries of space. We ignite our imaginations midweek at the Bay Area Discovery Museum, where we explore the secrets of science and creativity. On Thursday, we'll visit the Hiller Aviation Museum to soar into the sky and learn about aviation's miracles. Finally, on Friday, we will visit the Palo Alto Junior Museum, where we will learn about natural history and participate in hands-on activities. Throughout the week, we focus on encouraging inquiry, adventure, and a curious spirit in children, giving them the tools they need to seek truth and knowledge in the world around them. We promote imagination and intrinsic curiosity, instilling a lifelong love of learning and exploration. Don't miss out on this exciting week of discovery and development!

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Week 3:

Join us for a week of profound exploration and psychological development at Imagina Daycare's Summer Camp from 8th to 12th July, themed 'Expanding Sensitivity'. Guided by Hellen Keller's timeless wisdom, we begin on a journey to discover the beauty that exists within the heart. Our week starts with a fascinating visit to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum on Monday, followed by a thought-provoking trip to the Cantor Arts Centre on Tuesday. Midweek, we visit the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, where we explore the magical realm of tide pools and broaden our sensitivity to the beauties of marine life. Thursday brings us to Theatreworks Mountain View, where we will immerse ourselves in the realm of theater and narrative. Finally, we conclude the week with a visit to the Palo Alto Public Library and the picturesque Magic Bridges Park on Friday, instilling a love of books and the environment. During the week, we focus on developing emotional intelligence, securely expressing ourselves, and practicing empathy for others. Exploring the aquatic world and ocean life strengthens our connection to nature and fosters a sense of awe and empathy. Don't miss this transforming week of enhanced awareness and emotional growth!

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Week 4:

Join us for a week of energetic activities and joyous discoveries at Imagina Daycare's Summer Camp from 15th to 19th July, themed 'Getting up in the morning'. Inspired by Yoko Ono's wisdom, we begin each day with a grin in the mirror, establishing a foundation for optimism and evolution. On Monday, we begin our week with a beautiful excursion to Ardenwood Historic Park and Farm, where we immerse ourselves in farm life and reconnect with nature. Tuesday takes us to the Palo Alto Junior Museum, where we proceed with our exploration of the natural environment and hands-on education. Midweek, we travel to Emma Prusch Farm, where we raise our awareness of livestock, vegetables, and flowers, as well as learn about the farm-to-table process. Thursday takes us to Hidden Villa, where we participate in meaningful activities that promote connection and land stewardship. Finally, on Friday, we will visit Mariposa Park to enjoy the joys of playing outdoors and community bonding. During the week, we work on expressing excitement and energy, developing a love of environment, and learning essential lessons about living sustainably. Don't miss out on this exciting week of exploration and advancement!

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Week 5:

Join us for a week of teamwork and friendship at Imagina Daycare's Summer Camp from 22nd to 26th July, themed 'Working with Others'. Inspired by Mother Teresa's timeless words, we want to spread happiness and affection wherever we go, creating an atmosphere of optimism and mutual assistance. Our week begins with an exciting excursion to the San Jose Discovery Museum on Monday, where we participate in engaging exhibits and team-building activities. Tuesday brings us to Redwood City Hall, to learn about the local government and the value of community involvement. At the Palo Alto Children's Library, we explore the joys of literature and creativity throughout the middle of the week, encouraging children to love reading and sharing stories. On Thursday, we visit the Half Moon Bay Friendly Pony Farm to engage with gentle ponies while discovering about the importance of animal compassion. Finally, we round out the week with a relaxing excursion to Burgess Pool on Friday, where we can enjoy swimming and water games while developing collaboration and cooperation. Throughout the week, we strive to foster peace and collaboration among campers by participating in team-building exercises and sports that encourage mutual respect and cooperation. In addition, we take time to reflect on and share our previous weeks' experiences, strengthening our bonds and enjoying our accomplishments together. Don't miss out on this exciting week of collaboration, friendship, and fun!

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Summer Camp Details and Registration

Enroll your child in Imagina Daycare's Summer Camp, ideal for ages 3 ½ and up, including Transitional Kindergarten (TK). Registration and payments are due by April to secure your spot and enable us to plan exciting field trips, organize teachers, and arrange transportation. Priority goes to early confirmations. Imagina uno will be closed from August 5th to 13th, but extra care will be available. School resumes August 14th. Don't miss out – register today for a summer of learning and fun!

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Summer Camp Registration

Child Information

Family Information

Please select the weeks you are enrolling your child:

Duration: 5 Weeks from 8am-5pm, extended hours available until 5pm if needed

Week 1 from June 24th-28th $800
Week 2 from July 2nd-July 5th $850
Week 3 from July 8th-12th $850
Week 4 from July 15th-19th $850
Week 5 from July 22nd-26th $850
Week 6 from July 29th-31st $150 per day ($750)